What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating ?

Boyfriend Mobile Tracker“..I get so green eyed when my boyfriend keeps on staring other girls, even when I’m around. I wonder what he does when I’m not with him ! I need to get into his iPhone to know what he’s been up to, I’m sure I’ll get some clue.”

Has this been your story ?? Do you keep on doubting your boyfriend’s activities ? Does He keep on giving you lame excuses every time you confront him ? This might be a symptom of over-possessive-girlfriend, but not everything is a mere symptom. With constant evolving in dating trends and with the passive behaviors in relationships, one tends to forget the value of an actual relationship. The rate of infidelity is increasing day by day, and so is the rate of breakups and divorce.

Lets See What Things Are Considered as Cheating :-

  • Kissing : Yes ! Kissing somebody other than your partner is undoubtedly considered a sign of unfaithfulness.

  • Blast From The Past : Again if your boyfriend already  has emotional baggage from his past relationship, you will definitely consider him an unfaithful partner.

  • Online Flirting : If your boyfriend is labelled casanova, then there’s a reason behind it. All that online flirting is a sure shot sign for you to understand that he’s not ready to be bound in a serious relationship.

  • Ogling : Seriously all that ogling is such a turn off, and specifically if you find your boyfriend ogling other girls, better pull your socks up to find out the truth.

If you have cross checked the above ‘Cheating’ Signs with your present relationship scenario, then we’d like to suggest you a couple of things to make sure you know how well to deal with it.

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating ?

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How To Track Facebook Chat Using iPhone Spyware

facebook  messanger tracking SoftwareFacebook is one of the best online social networking service, that started its journey on desktops, and has widen up the boundaries by being active on smartphones as well, in short one can easily use Facebook through their smartphones. In fact, Facebook has introduced so many things that makes Facebook chat experience exalted and exclusive. They have accommodated Facebook chat messengers for various types of smartphone operating system, Facebook for mobile app etc. In a nutshell, chatting was never so fun and easy earlier.

However with so many easy functions handy at hand, there is always a vulnerability of people misusing it, particularly kids, teenagers and spouses. Since Facebook, provides umpteen options to take care of privacy, the user’s chat nonetheless are always in a private mode, unless it is a group chat. Moving on, for individuals such as parents, and employers who really want to dig in and know the truth about their kids, or workers, getting out the truth might be a clunking job. Since there is no easy way to dive in and start reading the chat of a particular person’s account, doing this task can be really tiring.

Cutting edge technology, and with the improvement of so many softwares, we have been able to get hands on iPhone spyware application, that can aid in tracking a user’s Facebook Chat. Following are a couple of pointers to keep in mind before considering your monitoring need :-

  • Facebook chat can only be tracked via the user’s iPhone, not desktop/laptop.

  • The monitoring user should have direct access to the target user’s iPhone  at least once.

Now this can be done in few simple steps, following is a simple guide to make sure you are successful in tracking facebook chat with the help iPhone monitoring software :-

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Track Your Teen’s iPhone Easily Now !

Teen Monitoring SoftwarePresent day’s teens are so outlandish, they want best out of everything. To worsen the scenario, there are so many features that smartphones have, which consequently keep on distracting any teen, and a special mention to their raging hormones that confuse them all the more. This peculiar age is about everything that is insane, and everything that amazes them. Parents always keep on worrying about their Teens, their habits, their behaviors, their stubbornness, in short Parents can’t withhold their actions. The best way parents can relieve themselves is by making sure they have a secure way to keep up with the activities of their kids, but since we all know how much secretive the kids are these days, in no way the parents can deal with the reality.

The presence of Child monitoring software made the deal sweeter, but since phones such as iPhone, has plethora of features and tools that kids no longer use their desktops or laptops, it would be wise to install such an application that can easily track down your Teen’s iPhone activity. To sweeten the deal more, yes Continue reading

A Simple Guide To Jailbreak An iPhone

iPhone Jail BreakingIf you have an iPhone you probably must have come across the term “Jailbreak”, Jailbreaking an iPhone, or Jailbroken iPhone. But most likely a normal user doesn’t understand what Jailbreaking refers to, so here’s  a simple guide to figure out what Jailbreaking is all about. This article will cover everything you’d need to know about Jailbreaking your iPhone.

Jailbreaking ! What is it ?

Jailbreaking generally refers to the the removal of all the constraints put on an iPhone. The reason why Jailbreaking is required is because, Apple Designers designed iPhone in such a way that the operating system won’t allow the users to have third-party applications, and all the applications would be bought from Apple Store in order to maintain the integrity of the phone.

Possible Effects ?

Jailbreaking is not a virus of any sorts, it is simply an application that helps your iOS to open the door for new applications, which otherwise couldn’t have been accessed by iPhone. It’s like setting your iPhone free.

How to Jailbreak iPhone ?jailbreaking

iPhone can be jailbroken by installing a simple software on the phone, that sort of changes the operating system, and thus enables the user to customize the iPhone as per their needs by getting other applications. The application usually used to jailbreak an iPhone is Cydia, and Cydia is basically a store that lets you get free/paid applications that you’d want. The jailbreaking software keep on updating with the versions of iOS, but make sure you use the right software according to the operating system of your iPhone. Also jailbreaking is not a difficult process, there are companies which will perform jailbreaking for you, or you can get softwares from internet and follow the simple steps to do it yourself.

Unlocking Vs. Jailbreaking

Unlocking and jailbreaking are two different concepts which get confused as same. Unlocking iPhone simply means loosening your iPhone to make it work with other network carriers or service providers, whereas Jailbreaking your iPhone refers to the slight modification in the iOS in order to let the user install other applications and personalize their phone.

Jailbroken iPhone acts like .. ?

First of all you won’t know if your iPhone has been jailbroken, i.e. if you bought used iPhone, possibility is that it might already be jailbroken, but if you’ve bought a brand new iPhone, then obviously it won’t be jailbroken. A jailbroken iPhone acts normally, but the easiest way to find out if it has been already modified, is to look out for Cydia’s icon, but what if you don’t find the icon ? Try jailbreaking your phone, and if the application says that the phone can’t be jailbroken, then it means its already been treated before.

Is It Safe To Jailbreak ? Does It Breach The Warranty ?

Its absolutely safe and legal to jailbreak your iPhone. The process is easy to do, and takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Moreover the Jailbreaking process is totally reversible, so if you wish to get your iPhone serviced or update the operating system, you can easily do so by restoring your phone and update the software.

Why Jailbreaking an iPhone ?

If you’re contented with the applications you have in your iPhone, then you’ll certainly not require Jailbreaking. If you wish to get more applications and software from Third party vendors, so as to make your iPhone more efficient in working, then Jailbreaking is the only solution. In context of this website, jailbreaking an iPhone would be required if you wish to install a spying software that could easily monitor as well as track the activities of the iPhone.

A lot of people detest the idea that Apple is trying to take hold of all the applications for iPhone, but for such kinds Jailbreaking is the answer. Since jailbreaking is almost free, there’s no harm in trying the third party applications through jailbreaking.

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